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Transitioning a Dependent to their own Return when no longer a Dependent

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Dependent children eventually no longer qualify to be a Dependent.  Currently, to transition a Dependent over to their own Income Tax Return, you have to Manually delete that Dependent, then set up that individual's own new Return and Manually enter any data that is carry forwarded from the previous year's return. 

In the future, when you select the option to carry-forward information from previous years, the Ufile program should have an auto pop-up (based on age of dependent on file) asking if you want to keep this person as a Dependent or if you would like to instead remove them as a Dependent and setup as its own unique Return no longer linked to the other family members.  If you select the option to set them up separately, then the program should carry-forward their past information similar to how it does now.


Given the large number of subscribers that have dependents, and that almost all dependents eventually stop being a dependent and have to have their own unique Return, I think this would be seen as a large Value-Add and drive further loyalty amongst your subscriber base, and help differentiate you from others...and would presumably be easy to program.

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