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Spousal Support

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I filed my taxes thinking that I indicated spousal support on my tax return   I had put in the non taxable support and the total support as the same numbers because the amounts are the same. I receive the same amount for child support as spousal support.    It should be clearer that this is not how to file spousal and child support.   I should have put the total amount of support received rather than the amounts for child support and spousal support. 


I would suggest that you have 3 entries.   Spousal support received taxable.   Child support received non taxable.   Total added from the two numbers.  


Now I have to resubmit my tax return so it will correspond with my exes. 

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I have been reassessed for 3 years on spousal support.   CRA has added to my return even though I have indicated in my uFile tax returns.  


In uFile returns Spousal support is inferred and not a specific line item.   I don't know how you transfer this to income.   You would have to take net support, subtract child support and transfer the difference.   Seems rather complicated to me.   Why not just have a box - spousal support and transfer to income.  


The way that this is entered in this software is very problematic and difficult for clients to support to CRA that spousal support has been reported.  

I think given the software deficiency, ufile should offer support to clients that are reassessed.  

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