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T4A slip box 48

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I have seen numerous questions about the confusion caused by having to report income in box 48 of a T4A slip.


I believe I understand the process correctly, but I have a set of circumstances that I have not seen anyone else discuss.  They are stopping me from Netfiling my return using Ufile's online service.


In my case, I have self-employment income that is reported in box 48 on several T4A slips.  However, I have a substantial amount of additional self-employment income that is not reported on any slips, making me responsible for reporting that income myself.


Here's the problem... the instructions given by the forum administrator say to create an entry for each T4A slip, report the income for each box 48, then create an entry for reporting self-employment business and professional income (Form T2125) and report the same income again.  Apparently we are supposed to put a zero in the first box (Gross sales, commissions or fees) and put the sum total of all box 48 amounts under "Fees for service".  But since I have additional income not reported on any T4A slip, I must put this income under "Gross sales, commissions or fees":  there is no other place to report it.


If I do so, my tax return is made ineligible for Netfiling, with the complaint that T4A box 48 amounts must be reported as business income.  It seems that "Gross sales..." must be zero for the program to be happy, according to what others have said, but this cannot work for me.


How can I get around this?  I would very much prefer to Netfile and not mail a paper return.

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You do not need to create multiple entries for the T4A slips.


The message you are seeing is a warning only and will not prevent you from using NetFile.


If you scroll down to the bottom of the Results page, you should see a message confirming that you are eligible to use NetFile.

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I have solved the problem... the warning about not being able to Netfile was caused by a typo I made in entering the sum total of my T4A's in the "Fees for service box 48" section of my self-employed income.  This did not match the total of all box 48 entries I made earlier (in the part of the interview where you create separate pages for each T4A and copy the numbers from the appropriate boxes).  It was this discrepancy that caused the warning.


Might I suggest that if a number of T4A's are entered earlier, all the box 48 entries be summed up and automatically entered in the "Fees for service" section of the self-employed income section?  If this sum has to be there anyway, why make the user enter it a second time?


Anyhow, all is well... thanks for your help.

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