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Is there a way of printing just a tax return?   I find that this program generates additional pages of analysis that I simply don't care about.  The whole thing ends up being about 50 pages.   I print one for the government and one for my files.   That is about 100 pages which is a lot for a home ink jet printer.  


Suggest that you give return options - return only and one for accountant/tax preparers with clients.  

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When clicking on the PDF symbol in the Return tab when using UFile for Windows, you are given the choice between printing:

  • All the pages
  • Federal return only
  • Provincial return only
  • Selected pages

You should be able to indicate exactly the pages you want to have in the .pdf and then print only these.


For UFile ONLINE, when  you click on "Print or view complete tax return .pdf file " in the Tax Return tab, you should be able to select the exact pages you want to print in the printer's options window. 

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