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Cannot NETFILE; invalid NAICS

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I tried doing all the solutions I found in the forums regarding this problem but I'm not able to still fix it.  I probably am doing something wrong or not understanding the process...


"You cannot currently netfile your federal return.  Please review the following reasons, and make corrections if possible...

You entered an invalid NCAIS code for a business (self-employement).  Click here to fix or  a T5013 slip.


My situation:


Wife  -  1 business  (sole proprietorship) - NAICS 418900

Husband  -  2 businesses (both sole proprietorship) - NAICS 517910 and 561722



What I already checked:


checked - all the NAICS are the new updated codes

checked - all are sole proprietorship not partnership




I noticed though that when I change the wife's NAICS to one of the husbands'... then it works.


so... what am I doing wrong?



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I am using a valid code 414110 AS PER the supplied LIST and I still get the error...this is an obvious BUG!


Maybe I should state that this is for my wife who resells handbags.... the CRA list this as Distributor/Wholesaler of Clothing and accessories....totally a valid code and valid classification...


Any other suggestions?

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This has been a problem for 3 years in Ufile. Various people have requested that it is fixed. I was lucky enough to find the link provided here by Gabriel and a code that worked. You need to update the help in the program to point to that list as this is going to annoy a lot of people who have to enter revenue from self employment

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