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T4A (P) for quebec residents

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I am filing a tax return for my father.

He has a T4A(P) statement of Quebec pension plan slip recording $6,840.72

It is together with the corresponding releve form RL-2.P(2012-10), and in Box C - Autres pavements it isi indicating the same amount

Question is .....where do I file this income tax receipt

There are 2 possible forms ...

1.    T4A(P) - retirement benefit...or

2.     T4 (OAS) old age security

The reason I ask is... on the T4A (P) form, it does not allow for an amount indication of the amount in Box (20).... the form you provide indicates to input only the amount in Box C of the Quebec relieve slip and not Box 20 of the T4A(P) slip.

One other point....by completing the T4A(P) retirement form, i get the following response once i hit Tax Results...

"You did not enter an amount for old age security (OAS) pension received. Based on your age, UFile has calculated that you should have received $ 6,510.60. If this amount is correct enter it under T4(OAS) Box 18"

Which prompts me to wonder if the Quebec Pension plan benefits is being reported in the correct form to begin with??

Please advise your thoughts.

Thank you 

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Based on the diagnostic you get from the program, I assume that your father is over 65 and is receiving QPP benefits.


So you have to enter these slips as follow:


  • T4A(P) and a corresponding RL-2

You should enter this in the T4A(P) page.

  • T4A(OAS)

You should enter this T4A(OAS) page.

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Yes, my father is 89


From what I can tell from the slips I have, I have no T4A(OAS) slip....I only have his retirement income from his company, a surviving spouse pension $1,102, and the Statement of Quebec Pension Plan Benefit T4A (P) $6,840.

My question(s) then would be....is this T4A(P) not his old age pension? ....and if not....

Is there another receipt I may not have or be aware of, from the Federal pension fund for Old Age Security?

Appreciate all the help here....tks

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