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Reassessment of 2012 Return

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Hi, I've been using UFile for a few years now.  After NetFiling my 2012 taxes for my spouse and I, they were reassessed by CRA to our benefit.  My 2012 UFile tax return only has the original numbers and not the revised/reassessed figures that we were provided back by CRA on their Notice of Reassessment.  I am trying to use the same figures as those supplied back by CRA on their Notice.  But currently if I import the 2012 file, I am using incorrect data as there are possibly some carryovers from 2012 that will assist in our 2013 tax return and I want to ensure I capture those. 


Some of the revised numbers are line 350 Total Federal non-refundable tax credits and line 6150 Total Ontario non-refundable tax credits and are a result of a disability credit.  I have 2012 and 2013 UFile software both loaded still.  I've tried to adjust these numbers in the 2012 Tax return interview but have not been successful in even determining where I can actually make those adjustments.  I've also thought that maybe if you adjusted the numbers in the 2013 software under Prior Year Comparative Information, that would tweak the imported 2012 tax file.  That was not successful either.


In cases where tax returns are reassessed after the tax return has been submitted, how does one adjust their 2012 numbers prior to importing to the new year or conversely, adjust the numbers after they have been imported?  Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated and of course, if there is any other information which may assist in solving this, please advise.  Thank you in advance


I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium on a 64 bit computer.



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It really depends on which amounts are being carried forward but the simplest solution would be to send us a request at support@ufile.ca explaining the situation.

One of our agents will be able to point out which values from your new notice of assessment should be carried forward and where to enter them.

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