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2012 Tax Files - only .tax?

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For some reason we only have .TAX files from 2012, which the 2013 installable version of UFile won't load. We have u9 for 2009 but no u12s for last year. Were we supposed to export the data? I thought it would save the right files automatically? Is there anyway to retrieve or rebuild the u12 files from the .tax files? Thanks

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Unfortunately there is no way to obtain your tax data from the .tax file from your last year's return.  The .tax file is a special file that encodes your return in a format that is transmitted to Canada Revenue.  You won't be able to carry forward your data from last year to this year.


The .u12 file would have been the file you saved on your computer after completing your return last year.  I'd try doing a search on your computer for .u12 files.  If that turns up nothing, then you'll have to start from new for 2013.

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