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Want to simply view previous years (2012) return. Via the data online or PDF file (that I do NOT have)

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This isn't exactly an "import" question but hopefully is easy to resolve or answer nonetheless.


I need to simply view some info I input and reported on my 2012 return, which i filled out, completed and Net-Filed here via the UFile Online option/payment. I didn't purchase or download the software...just created the account here online..filled it out online and had you Net-File from here online..


Now originally, I thought I was looking for a *.U12 file that would have been saved but apparently that might not be the case? If done online and not via the software then one will NOT get a *.U12 file and only get the option to also save/print a copy via a PDF file? is this correct? That is question #1. 


#2. if i dont have that PDF file or U12 file locally on my pc anymore...can i not still get that info or PDF from you guys? I only ask this because when I go to my account and click on the last tab of "Close account and delete tax files", it shows my tax years/info from 2010 to now, 2013 and apparently "tax files" for all of those years as if it IS THERE TO BE DELETED, then it must be there (somewhere) for me to access or retrieve in




I hope this is easy to resolve and that i'm not forced to call the CRA to get this info at this time of year...

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