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UFile technical errors?

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This is my first time filing taxes in Canada. I have entered all my info from T4, T4A, and T2202A slips. However, I think there are technical errors based on what I found in the results section. For example, on my T4, I filled out info in boxes 14, 16, 18, 24, 26, and 44. Box 16 (CPP contributions) was an issue because it did not show up on line 308 in the results section, but showed up as an overpayment on line 448. On the T4A, I filled out boxes 104 and 105. Box 105 (scholarship, bursary, etc) did not show up on line 130 in the results section. Finally, I simply filled the "eligible tuition fee" found on my T2202A and nothing else for that section, and I assume that calculations are based on Schedule 11. I also didn't do anything with the "unused tuition from prior year/transfer unused amounts" stuff because it was not necessary since this is my first time. However, this failed to show up on line 323 in the results section.


So my question is, is there a technical error or bug going on with the website? Because this does not make sense at all and I feel that my results are unreliable and not right. I do not want to send my return in unless everything is correct. If the issue is not a technical error, then is there another reason why the stuff I mentioned above is not showing up on their respective lines?


Please leave a response with any explanations you may have, whether its technical errors or other reasons.


Thank you in advance!

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