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Seperated in 2013 and Ufile will not let me proceed

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I was separated in Feb 2013 and Ufile tells me I have selected a marital status not compatible with status on Dec 31 2013. It refuses to let me calculate my return until this is fixed. It also would like my ex 's income but I have no idea where to even contact her. What do I do?

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The marital status is determined by the answer to the question "Did your marital status change in the current tax year?" in the Identification section of the program.

Two options are available at this point:

You report that there was "No change" regarding your current marital status; select this option if you separated a long time ago, and divorced during the current tax year.


You report that there has been a "Change during the current taxation year" regarding your current marital status, in which case the following applies.

The SIN box is a required field in Quebec, but it is not required in all other provinces.

In our program it is mandatory for you to respond to the question on income. Enter your spouse's net federal income as reported on line 236 of his or her federal income tax return. This amount is used to calculate the spouse or common law partner amount on line 303 of your return and also various other tax credits. Do not enter an amount that is too low; otherwise you may be claiming amounts to which you are not entitled to, which could result in delays, interest charges and penalties. However, if you and your spouse are higher income taxpayers, an estimate of your spouse's net income may be sufficient for the federal line 303 amount not to be claimed.


Marital status - Ex-spouse information

In the "Identification" screen, at the question "Did your marital status change in...?", you may report your current marital status as "No change" if you separated or divorced in a previous taxation year. However, if this is not the case, you will need to report your current marital status as a "Change", and provide the ex-spouse information.

Please remember that if you leave your ex-spouse's net income field blank, the program will automatically insert $0 as the net income.

If you are unable to obtain your ex-spouse's tax information, we suggest you put in a high amount (e.g. greater than the basic exemption, see guide to see what the current basic exemption is). This action will not generate an amount on line 303 of your tax return. In addition, the SIN box is a required field only for Quebec residents. It is not required for other provinces.

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From what I can see in our system, you have received an answer on March 26th.


As mentioned in the email:


"This is an automated response. Please consult the links below.  

If none of the following links answers your question, simply reply to this email to receive further assistance from a member of our support team."

Please verify your inbox and junk mail folder. Thank you.

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