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Importing data from ufile online for use with windows

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When in UFile for Windows 2012, click on "File" in the top menu and then on "Save as" and you will be able to choose the destination where the .u12 file will be saved on your computer. You can then import it into UFile 2013 with the following procedure:


In order to carry forward your 2012 tax return prepared with UFile for Windows 2012 to UFile for Windows 2013, please follow these steps:

1. Run UFile and click on "Carry forward a 2012 tax file".
2. Under "Select the type of file to import", check "2012 UFile or ImpôtExpert tax file (.U12)".
3. Click the yellow folder and browse to your *.u12 file.
4. Click "Open" after you locate the file.
5. Click "Continue".
6. Click "Continue" again.
7. Click "OK".

NOTE: It is very important that you browse to find your file. This will ensure that both the name and location of the file are correct. You cannot just enter the name of the file. UFile also needs to know where on your computer the file is located. By browsing, you will ensure that this information is correct.

UFile will open and your tax information will be carried forward into the 2013 tax year.

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How do you enter the data from 2013 Manually from the T1 comparative summary 2013?


It is very lame that you wouldn't provide a conversion program for the online data.  This will make me reconsider using UFile next year.

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Carry forwards are unused credits and other information that can be carried forward to the next tax year to reduce your tax liability for the current year and future year(s). They include:


GST/HST rebate; QST rebate (QC); CNIL (Cumulative Net Investment Loss); RPP ( Registered Pension Plan); RRSP; Home Buyer's Plan; LLP (Lifelong Learning Plan); Donations ; Tuitions; Medical (QC); Investment tax credit; Investment Expenses (QC); ATM (Alternative Minimum Tax); Foreign Business tax credit; Moving Expenses; Provincial Tax credits and others.


Each carry forward that is available are subject to their own rules. The information can be viewed on the CRA or Revenu Quebec website or through the General Income Tax and Benefit guide (CRA) or the Guide to the Income Tax Return (Revenu Québec).


The important and exact amounts that are available to be carried forward can be found on your previous year's Notice of Assessment or the last Notice of Reassessment received from the CRA or Revenu Québec (if applicable).


UFile provides, based on you data entry, the available carry forwards. If you wish to know about the carry forwards available for the next tax year, consult the "Summary of carry forward amounts" in the "Tax Diagnostics" section of the tax return's PDF file. UFile also offers the ability to manually enter the carry forward information in the file.


NOTE: We suggest that you compare your carry forward information received from the CRA or Revenu Québec Assessment or Reassessment to the information in the file.

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