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Filing prior year return 2012

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I have a client who need to file 2012 return.  I called CRA and they said this is permitted for tax return for year 2012.  However, when I opened my Ufile PRO 2012, it said not allowed as the federal government is no longer accepting. 


CRA mentioned this is the software problem and not their problem.  Theis return must be filed ASAP.  The program is up to date.  Please help

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I don't know who you talked to at CRA but they were completely wrong.


"There are some types of tax returns that cannot be submitted to the CRA electronically.

You cannot use NETFILE to send:

  • an amended tax return;
  • a tax return for any year except the 2013 tax year; or
  • a tax return for another person (for example, if a client prepared a spousal/family return, the client must create a separate ".tax" file and each client must file his or her own return)"

from: http://www.netfile.gc.ca/rstrctns-eng.html


You will need to print and mail the return. Thank you.

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if you have an e-file number you are able to send it electronically.  It's not the same with netfile.


Let me change that... I have an e-file number as I also do returns for the volunteer program.  When I went to see if I could send a 2012 return I also got the "government is no longer accepting e-filed tax returns for this year".  The government IS accepting 2012 returns by e-file and I know this because I've done a few at my other job within the last month.

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Oh! I am very sorry, I had not noticed the mention of PRO.

It's true, with EFILE you should be able to transmit the previous year.

If you are trying to use EFILE and still cannot transmit, please send a request to support@ufile.ca so one of our technical agents can troubleshoot the problem with you.


Thank you.

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Just another question then, with CVIPT are we not able to e-file a previous year return?  I also have the 2012 PRO version but I only use it for people whose income is higher than CVITP allows.  I don't consider myself a professional tax preparer (which allows me to e-file) and the 'taxpayer preparing his/her own returns' option only lets me Netfile.  At what point would I be a professional tax preparer?  If I accept money to prepare returns?

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Any firm, organization, or individual who provides tax preparation services can apply for EFILE registration, as long as they meet the definition of an applicant and pass the suitability screening criteria.

Definition of applicant:

For EFILE purposes, an applicant can be:

  • the proprietor of a sole proprietorship;
  • the members of a partnership (for large or national partnerships, the managing tax partners would be the applicants);
  • the directors, officers, and controlling shareholders of a corporation;
  • the managers of the branch offices;
  • the proprietor, the members of a partnership, or the directors, officers, or controlling shareholders of a corporation who hold a franchise (for large or national partnerships, the managing tax partners would be the applicants); or
  • any person having management and control of any of the applicants listed above;
  • any person who prepares T1 Individual and Benefit Returns on behalf of others.

A business applying for electronic filing may have more than one person who meets the definition of applicant.

An applicant, or any person having management and control of the applicants, must

  • be 18 years of age or older;
  • be a Canadian resident;
  • have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN); and
  • if applicable, be a discharged bankrupt, regardless of whether his or her trustee in bankruptcy is discharged (a trustee in bankruptcy can be an applicant only if he or she is acting for his or her business; a trustee acting for an undischarged bankrupt cannot apply).


You can consult the following link:



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