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Principal Residence Designation

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I am trying to netfile my income tax return which includes a capital gain for a house we sold in December, 2013.  We owned the house in Ontario for 14 years but the for the first 6 years the house was not our principal residence (we also owned a cottage for these first 6 years that we treated as our principal residence).  After we sold the cottage in 2006, the house became our principal residence.  I believe I need to complete the T2091 (IND) and T2091 Worksheet to calculate the Principal Residence exemption.  If I netfile my return with Ufile, do I simply mail these two forms to Revenue Canada afterwards with my payment for the taxes owing?   




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Designation of a Property as a Principal Residence

The program does not support the forms for designation of a property as a principal residence because they are required for information purposes only.

Therefore, you must download them from their respective government websites, print them, complete them, and file them by mail.

1- For form T2091 - Federal:


Worksheet - Federal:


2- For form TP-274 - Quebec:


You must complete and file these forms with their respective governments by mail. The CRA and Revenu Québec will take these forms into account when determining the principal residence.

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