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In Section of "Tuition, education, textbooks, student loans" I have a warning for "Solidarity tax credit"

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Hi, I am a student and I receive loan and bursary. I fill Section of "Tuition, education, textbooks, student loans" for that but I have a warning for "Solidarity tax credit".

I should fill this box, but I didn't receive any slip for that. I received 108.17 / Month as Solidarity tax. Can I calculate 12*108.17=1298.04$ as answer for this Box?

how about for my wife? Because she is a student and she received loan and bursary during 2013. Does she fill this box with 0?

I did this solution but I don't know this is correct or no?




I selected "Tuition, education, textbooks, student loans" in "Interview" and then I filed last box for "Solidarity tax credit" with 1298.04$ for myself  and 0 $ for my wife. Is this correct?



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Schedule D - Solidarity tax credit

It should be noted that the information required for the solidarity tax credit is counted from the date you complete your return.

As of July 2011, payments of the solidarity tax credit will replace the payment of the QST, the credit for individuals living in northern villages, and the property tax refund. This credit will be paid once a month. You must complete Schedule D in order to claim it.

If you have a spouse who ordinarily lives with you, only one of you can claim the solidarity tax credit for both of you.

You can claim the solidarity tax credit if you meet the following conditions:

     a) You are 18 years or older.
     b) You are a resident of Quebec.
     c) You have legal status (Canadian citizen, permanent resident, refugee, etc.).
     d) You are not confined to a prison or similar establishment.

In the "Revenu Québec questions" section in the "QuikClik Navigator", select "Yes" for the question "Do you wish to apply for the Quebec solidarity tax credit?".

This will generate the section "Solidarity tax credit" in the "QuikClik Navigator". Complete the page as required (Note: the questions with a red star are mandatory).

To receive this credit, you must be registered for direct deposit with Revenu Québec. If you are not already registered, please follow the procedure below:

     1) In the "QuikClik Navigator", select "Refund or balance owing".
     2) In the screen to your right, choose the third option "Start direct deposit or change banking information".
     3) You must complete the first four fields which are mandatory.
     4) We recommend that you also register the details of your financial institution.

Form LM-3.M, Request for Direct Deposit, will be produced by the software and sent together with your tax return.

Please refer to the site of Revenu Québec for more information:


An estimate of the solidarity tax credit will be generated by the program. However, Revenu Québec will confirm the amounts to be received.

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