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Line 116 - elected split pension amount

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I have completed my wife's and mine Ufile Tax Return.

Our  total family income(mine and my wife'd) shown on Ufile exceeds our actual family income by the amount Ufile displays on Line 116.


How do eliminate  this amount  Line 116 =0.00 or reduce my pension amount to reflect the amount shown on Line 116 (portion of my pension claimed by my wife)



Thank yoy

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Below is how to stop the pension income splitting but from your explanation, there might be an error in the data entry so I would recommend sending a request to help@ufile.ca so we can take a look at the return. Thank you.


If you don't want UFile to split your pension income, you can go in the section "Pension income, T4A, split pension" of the QuikClik navigator and click on "Split pension income with your spouse". You can then answer "Do not transfer to spouse" to the question "Do you wish to split eligible pension income with your spouse?".

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