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Calculation of provincial tax for non-resident with employment income

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Hope someone can help me with this situation.  My daughter lives and works in the UK.  She comes home twice a year and during this time in Canada she works on a casual basis at a hospital.  She therefore has Canadian employment income but the bulk of her world income (83%) comes from the UK.  I used U-file to do her 2013 taxes and got a different assessment than I expected.  Her NRTC were pro-rated (as I expected), except that the program didn't pro-rate her Canada Employment Credit.  More significantly, the program didn't calculate ANY provincial tax due (only federal).  I set her province of residence as "non-resident", and her mailing address as a "care of" in Alberta.  Her "residency status" is set as non-resident and I filled in Canadian source and foreign source income and noted the UK as her country of residence on the "emigrant" form under "immigrant, emigrant, non-resident". 


It would seem logical that she should need to pay provincial tax as well as federal tax so I don't have a problem with that - just am confused as to what I did wrong (if indeed I did something wrong) so that U-file didn't calculate the tax correctly. 


Any ideas??

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