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T1 and TP1 5 year summaries never have more than 2 years; some discrepant information.

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I have been using Ufile since at least 2006. I have printed out my Executive Summary, Summary of Carryforward amounts, and the T1 & TP1 summary - 5 years for each of these returns.


First I would like to say that while I really like UFile for doing my taxes and it is consistent, it is frustrating that the T1/TP1 Summary of 5 years has not ever saved and provided the information from the previous 5 years. This is good benchmark information for everyone whether they have a stable job or not. For example, 2009's return only shows 2009 and 2008 data, 2010 shows 2010 and 2009... At this point, when I have to review and complete some returns and also submit T1-ADJs (and Quebec's ADJ forms) to prior years, it is a real pain in the neck that I have had to create a spreadsheet for all pertinent items and their carry forwards. This functionality should be there! Is there some way that you can do this for me on my latest tax return (2013 - 2009), and even 2008 - 2006 or earlier (whenever I used the PC version and imported it to the site in 2006)? 


Aside from that, while I am manually entering these figures into this spreadsheet starting from the Summary and Carry forward and then checking against the Executive Summaries of their respective years, I am finding discrepancies in different figures. Sometimes figures in the T1/TP1 summary for the previous year don't match the figures from the actual Executive Summary of that year; some are figures not comparing even within the same year.
For example in 2008 I paid two different amounts in QPP and QPIP, one for employment and one for self-employment, and neither figure is consolidated in a summary so I can know how much I paid.


Can you please explain, upgrade the tool, help get a summary from my data, and/or even make this a service on the UFile website?

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Regarding the five-year comparison table, keep in mind that UFile does not currently allow the entry of tax information from prior years' returns.


At the time of writing, the comparison table can display only the data for two (2) tax years, the current year and the previous year, and this only applies in the case of a rolled-over account (UFile ONLINE) or a carryforward file (UFile for Windows). Although the process has not yet been finalized, we are currently working to expand this feature's capability in order to allow a five-year comparative analysis.

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