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nursing home..parents separated

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hi my dad was placed in a nursing home as of december ...my parents are now separated...does this change their marital status on the income tax?.. and what credits can my mom claim since she is alone renting an appartment.and whatever other things im missing...need help please.

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In the case of persons who have a disability and reside in a long-term care centre ("CHSLD"), they must make a choice because the program will not recognize the disability amount if you also claim the fees for a residential and long-term care centre.


Note that the fees paid for a nursing home must be included in the "Medical expenses" section. To do this, please follow these steps:


1- In the "QuikClik Navigator" located on the left of the screen, select the "Medical and disability". On the page to the right, choose "Medical expenses".


2- On the new page generated, go to the third section "Specified medical expenses (not claimed elsewhere)" and enter the amount that was paid for the "Fees for a residential and long-term centre".


Note: Do not include the costs of accommodation for long-term care in the first section such as those relating to drugs bought on prescription, dental and other costs of the same type.


If fees paid for a nursing home are less than the disability amount on line 316 of Schedule 1 of the federal return and line 376 of the Quebec return, it would be preferable not to claim the fees paid for a nursing home. However, the choice is yours.


If you accidentally enter the cost of a nursing home in the wrong place, the disability amount will be claimed and the CRA and Revenu Québec could review your case and make a revision of your file.

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