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paid for and completed 2013 in january, all info now missing

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In order to have the carry forward information available in the account, you must have used the UFile ONLINE last years to *"prepare and complete" the return(s) before mid-January AND you must be using the same account.UFile automatically carry's forward your information for you. UFile completes this process once a year for the previous year ONLY. To access this information, you must sign into the account under the current tax year using the same username and password used in the previous year.


To *"prepare and complete" a return using UFile ONLINE requires entering in the data information in the file to complete the calculation to generate the return AND to have made any necessary payments on the account. This process NEEDS to be completed before mid-January of each year.


PLEASE NOTE: If you recently completed any prior year's tax return OR you plan to prepare any prior year's return after mid-January the carry forward will not be available.

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