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"Elect to stop paying CPP" does not work

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I'm 65 years old. I didn't receive any CPP distribution in 2014, and have self-employment income. I chose to stop paying CPP by selecting yes to "Did the taxpayer want to stop contributing to the CPP on the self-employment income", and specifying the correct starting date in the next field under the "Canadian Pension Plan" section in "Controls" tab. However, I'm still paying the full CPP in schedule 8 in the final return. Could anyone help me troubleshoot why I cannot elect to stop paying CPP in UFile? TIA!

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In the Interview's Controls, under Canada Pension Plan, if you have no employment income, you need to answer "No" to the first question (which reads "If you had employment earnings: Did you make a CPT30 election for the current taxation year) as well as completing the "If you had self-employment income" section.  

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I have the same issue.   I have a little self employed income and have elected to stop CPP over a year ago, but I had to fill in "stop electing CPP" on ALL the CPP fields in the controls before I got the errors to stop showing up.   Last year CRA didn't accept the ufile controls as having evoked CPP, and charged me for CPP  and I had to do a manual adjustment.   I am hoping to avoid that this year, but I am not hopeful, since just clicking in the controls that I evoked CPP a prior year did not cause the error symbols to go away.   ... something is not right with how the ufile controls are set up when you have some small income and have previously elected to stop paying CPP.  Would love to have an example of how to fill this out ie. self employed income that has been settled in prior year with a stoppage of CPP payments.

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