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EFiling 2014 impossible, says CRA not opened until Feb 10 and it`s March 1

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I have the same issue. I have tried a few things and have had no luck. I have Uninstalled ufile 2013, reinstalled (repaired) ufile 2014. Manually changed the date settings on my computer to several different dates. I have even start a new tax file from scratch and it still gives the same error. I have emailed ufile to see what the issue is. I have been using ufile for a number of years and never have had an issue.

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I finally got to send off my return. What I ended up doing was installing the program onto another computer of mine and copy my ufile files to the new install. There was no issue with the date this time while submitting the net file. Though this doesn't really resolve the original issue, it is a way to still submit the claim through net file.

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Please make sure you have no other applications running during this process.


To remove UFile for Windows please follow these instructions:


1. Go to "Start".

2. Go to "Settings".

3. Select "Control Panel".

4. In the "Control Panel", depending on your operating system, select "Programs and Features" or "Add/Remove Programs".

5. Locate UFile 2014 and click "Remove".

6. Locate UFile Updater 2014 and click "Remove".


To reinstall:


1. Download the latest UFile 2014 full installation from:




2. Save it to your Desktop, then run (re-install) it from there.

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