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understand dependents claim entry

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I am first time ufile user and need help to understand parent as dependents claim.

I added me as family head and my wife, two kids and mother and father as family member. as I know me and my wife's return should go as family and my mother and father return should g as family. after all entry when I check result tab, me and my wife's tax return show as family but my mother father return shows individual return. do I have to create new file for my parent so then can apply for family GAST/HST credit ?

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The “married” status is removed from a dependant’s file due to following reasons:

  1. It created a confusion among clients
  2. Credits were not claimed properly when the dependants files were complex

Therefore, clients requested to remove the “married” status.


Please follow the instruction below.

  1. In order to claim the credits for married dependants, please make their status SINGLE and keep them in your file.
  2. Claim all possible credits and transmit your and your spouse’s return if applicable. Do NOT transmit your dependants’ returns within your tax file.
  3. Create a separate file for your married dependants
  4. Enter their information. Note that if, for example, you have claimed your dependants’ medical expenses, enter only unused portion in their file to claim the balance. Make sure not to claim the same credit twice.
  5. Transmit your dependants’ returns.

However, if your parents are not your dependants, create a seperate file for them and transmit their return.

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To claim these crédits:


1) Under the ''interview'' tab, select ''Family members'' and click on ''Add family member''.

2) On the page that appears to your right, choose ''Add a dependant''.

3) Under the ''QuikClik Navigator'', on the left side of the screen, select ''Identification'' and fill in the page and for the question: ''Marital Status on December 31, 2014'' select ''Single'' in the drop down menu.

4) For the question ''Does the taxpayer require a tax return?'' in the drop down menu, choose ''NO'' because the information is only to allow you to claim certain crédits as both your parents will have produced their own tax return. Click on NEXT

5) Return to the left side of the screen Under the ''QuikClik Navigator'' and select the option ''Net Income''. Then, on the screen to your right, enter the relevant information. You can find the net income for your dépendants on line 236 of the Federal return return and on line 275 of the Québec return.

6) In the ''Medical, disability and caregiver'' option, select the item that corresponds to the crédits you want to claim, such as ''Caregiver amount t o claim for this dependant (line 315, Québec line 462)'' or the ''Infirmity and disability amounts for the dependant''.

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