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T4A Box 030 and Relevé 1 Box O

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I am a Québec resident and have a T4A and a Relevé 1, both from the same issuer, with the same amount in box 030 on the T4A and in box O on the Relevé 1.


Regarding this amount, on the Relevé 1, there is also the note:  RL Ristounes ligne 154 




Where and how should I report this amount? 



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I believe that I have found half of my answer...


For a reason that I do not understand, it seems that, although I have a T4A and Relevé 1 from the same issuer, the software is built in such a way that I need to use the T4A page (and not the T4A - Relevé 1) page to key in the figures that I have on my slips.


Unfortunately, there is also something unclear on that page...


There are TWO Box 30. Both are to report patronage allocations (which is my case) but one as the mention (non taxable)


How should I know which box to use... There is no indication on my slips if the income is taxable or not... Nevertheless, I tend to believe that it is taxable has it is on the slip... But, I do not see when the (non taxable) Box 30 would be used...

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The total amount of patronage dividends paid to a member of an eligible

cooperative in the form of preferred shares is taxable if it exceeds $100.


However, this amount may be deducted in whole or in part if there is

a note on the RL-1 slip with the words "Deduction for patronage dividends".

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