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Are you a Status Indian with rights to exempt income?

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Preparing my UFile Income taxes for 2012.


I am filling out the interview questions for my 12 year old daughter Brooklyn.  When I come to this question


Are you a Status Indian with rights to exempt income?



She is not an status Indian at all -  but it is insisting I answer the question -- yet it does not give me the option of saying --  not applicable or that she is not an Indian.  If I choose not to answer the question -- it gives me an error.  So I must answer.


The choices are:

Residing on a reserve;

not residing on a reserve OR;

without Indian status.


Of course she does not reside on a reserve and she is without Indian status because she is not an Indian at all.  Since this question does not apply to her I don't think I should have to enter an answer but it is forcing me to answer so what should I put????


What confuses me is the fact that I have entered my other daughter's information (17 year old) and I didn't have to answer this question at all in her interview.


:wacko: Confused ... please help.


Thank you for your time.




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