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Spouse / Ex Spouse

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I've successfully completed all the questions in the interview, but when I get to the results to try and Netfile the return, I get the following error:


The amount you entered for your spouse's net income while you were living in Canada with your spouse cannot exceed your spouse's net income for the year. Click here


When I click the link, it creates an Ex-spouse page and points me to the following field:


Your spouse net income while you were living together in Canada


My wife and I are still very much together. 


So I've tried deleting the page and ensured that the specified fields are filled in under the Spouse - basic information page. Same problem.


Even if I placate the system and fill in the appropriate fields in the Ex-spouse page, it then shoots me an error telling me that "I've stated that my marital status didn't change, but now I have an ex-spouse page (paraphrasing).


I have no idea what to do here - help please!

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