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No provincial credits for person who emigrates during the year (became non-resident)

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When you indicate emigrating from Canada during 2012 (and in this case from Ontario), Ufile 2012 is not showing the Ontario calculations.  For example, the FEDERAL basic personal amount is pro-rated for the percentage of the year when you were a resident (before the move) but the PROVINCIAL basic personal amount is not listed at all.  CRA guidance is that the PROVINCIAL amount should be similarly pro-rated if emigration occurs during the year. 


I have specified a foreign current residency address and a mailing address the same as the foreign residency.  How do I get those pro-rated Ontario credits?

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On the Identification page, indicate the province of residence (in this case Ontario) when you emigrated.


Here is the text from the help section (question mark on the right of the field), pay attention to the first specific situation:


Select the applicable option to indicate the province where you lived on December 31st, even if you have moved since then.

This information is used to identify the relevant taxing authority and determine the applicable provincial tax rate.

The interview setup will therefore be adjusted accordingly.


Specific situations:

If you emigrated from Canada in 2012, select the province / territory where you lived on the date you left Canada.


If the person died in 2012, select the province / territory where the person lived on the date of death.

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