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Unfortunately, UFile is currently only available for installation in a Windows environment. Some of the new Macs use an Intel chip which allows users to install a version of Windows and then run Windows-based software (NOTE: a program such as Boot Camp, VMware Player or Parallels is required).

Please note, however, that UFile ONLINE, the online equivalent of UFile for Windows, supports Mac and Linux operating systems running the latest version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera  and all browsers based on the latest Mozilla rendering engine (e.g., Firefox) as well as Safari for the 2008 tax year (for earlier tax years on a Mac, please use Internet Explorer for Mac).

Note: UFile ONLINE has not been fully tested on all versions of Mac and Linux operating systems. We cannot guarantee that UFile will be compatible with all platforms and their respective browsers. However, many of our current users are also Mac and Linux users and successfully use our service to file their taxes online.

You can carry forward the tax returns prepared last tax year in UFile for Windows to the current tax year. 

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Have been attempting to download and install 2010 package. Website link simply gives unhappy face. Link above downloads, but unpacking always gives me "the requested operation requires elevation". Presumably permissions required?


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Hello meatbagg,

How to purchase 2017 UFile for Windows from the UFile Shop?
To purchase the current years UFile for WINDOWS software directly from us, you need access to the Internet. You may proceed by using the following link:


Once on the UFile for WINDOWS page, please proceed as follows:

1. Click on "PURCHASE NOW".

2. In the new window that opens, select the required amount of returns by clicking on "ADD TO CART". 

3. NOT recommended -You can choose if you would like to receive the *CD-ROM version by checking the box "Please tick here to order your copy on CD-ROM. A flat $10 fee for shipping and handling applies."

4. Click on "CHECKOUT" (little basket above QTY).

5. Complete the page by entering in your information.

6. Click on "SUBMIT".

You're not finished yet! To finalize that the selection item(s) are what you want, we have provided you with a "Summary" page. Verify that the information on the summary is correct, then you may click on "Proceed" to process the transaction.

Once you have completed the final process; (by clicking on "Proceed"), you will receive an email almost immediately. In this email you will receive your activation key and the download link to begin using the program.

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Hi Antoine7,

Does this mean that the activation keys we buy will be for Ufile 2017 though?

I need to file T2s and T1s for 2010 and 2011, and am using the download links above to get the software, however, I still need the activation keys to use the software. How do I activate 2010 + 2011, for T1 and T2?


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