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Filing for prior tax years.

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I'm sure this is a dumb question so hopefully this will be a quick fix. 


I can't figure out how to fill out a tax return for 2012 and 2013 on UFile online. One page claims: 


UFile ONLINE  UFile has been available ONLINE since 2000. It is the only tax software that allows you to prepare tax returns for as far back as ten years."

But I can't switch the online form from 2014 to anything else. What am I missing? 


Big thanks.

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To start a 2012 account, click on https://secure.drtax.ca/ufile/login.aspx(you may cut and paste this link in your web browser), and select from the dropdown menu the 2012 tax year.


In order to prepare your return, you must first create an account under the appropriate tax year; dependant on the tax year you need to file. For any returns that you need to prepare as of the 2009 tax year and prior you must create a new account for each previous tax year for which you wish to produce the return. For any return that you need to prepare from 2010 onward you need only to create ONE account. For each account you create you may use the same user name and password.

Once you have completed entering in your data and letting UFile ONLINE perform the calculations, unless you qualify for a free return as per the terms of our UFileFREE program, you must pay the applicable fees for each tax year you complete. You will then be able print and mail your return.

We suggest, when preparing prior years you should begin with the oldest tax years return then move forward year by year until you reach the current tax year.

Moreover, please note that only the data from returns for tax year 2013 that were filed prior to January 15, 2015 has been carried forward to 2014.

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