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An additional comment to the above.  The CVITP version of UFile was downloaded from my receipt for purchase  A bit of a problem -- how do I download the correct version?

I can also download the CVITP version provided by the CVITP Coordinator -- I understand that I need to do that in a different window/account.  How do I create a new window / account on my computer.

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@15Eleanor Please see the following thread: http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/6289-can-i-install-ufile-pro-and-the-cvitp-version-on-same-computer/?hl=tis60#entry11371


The second last posting should explain what you need to do. Keep in mind that you must buy UFile Pro if you want Form T183 generated. You also need an Efile number different from you CVITP Efile number.


Your question "How do I create a new window/account on my computer" is not a UFile question. It is a basic computer user question. This forum is not designed to teach basic computer skills.


Good luck.



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