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Ive been trying for the last 6 hours to file my return.

Ive looked online for an answer and there isnt one that works, ive even tried everything for all of the other issues people have been having and still doesnt work.

I tried to submit a request to ufile to have them answer and i got the same error message trying to send them a message.

I have internet connection, Ive never had this issue before.


message is as follows



the underlying connection was closed; An unexpected error occured on a receive.


(I also get this message when I try to email support using ufile)


I am assuming since its an error on the receive that the receiving end is the issue and this is something that UFile needs to fix on their end?


Someone please advise.


(I have updated the software, restarted my computer multiple times, disabled my firewall, there was no information in my "file progression" page but i deleted over the empty spaces anyways, i have no warnings or errors)

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I have been having the same issue since the update and it happens no matter if I am running as administrator or not..  I also called CCRA and they said it was a problem with the servers at ufile.   I was able to netfile prior to the update 2 were sent off from my pc on the 15th but since then I am getting this error



the underlying connection was closed; An unexpected error occurred on a receive


same error also happens when I try to contact UFILE through the program.

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I see Gaetan posted in 2015 that there may be a problem with Windows Vista and/or XP users about filing this year, which I find hilarious, because I can use the CRA website without any problems and am wondering if Gaetan works for Microsoft, because NOWHERE ON THE WEBSITE OR PURCHASING PAGE DOES IT SAY DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU USE VISTA OR XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not buying a new computer, so I want my money back, so I can buy another program that does work with Vista (UFile is the only one that doesn't).


UFile, I will be helping to spread this message via social media and how you dupe people into buying the program without advising them of its limitations.


Like millions of people can afford to buy new systems or upgrade what they have?  Nice.  Really nice.

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from 2008 I guess somethings never change:


from 2013

I guess we should do more checking on the tax program we use:


[Update: Here’s an email from Joanne Birtch, Vice-President Marketing and New Business Development, Dr. Tax Software Inc. reproduced with permission:

“I am writing about your blog entry called Slow Support at UFile. The subject title no longer reflects the reality at UFile. Our support team has made an enormous effort to improve its response times due in part to the impact of your article. However, despite these improvements, UFile continues to be tarred with a very old and unflattering brush.

While not wishing to stop the dialogue, I would appreciate it if this blog could be updated to reflect today’s reality.”]

[update 2: Note that this blog has no affiliation with UFile. If you need support with your UFile tax software, the contact information for UFile is available here.]

If you are considering switching to UFile (read my review) this year, there is one huge drawback you need to be aware of: the support is really slow. Firstly, UFile does not offer phone support. If you encounter a problem with the software or need some help, the only way to currently contact UFile is through email (the website says that live chat support will be available later).

Many readers have commented on their frustration with UFile’s slow response times and I personally experienced it as well. I sent a quick question on March 4, 2008 and received a response on March 10th, which is unacceptably slow in my opinion. QuickTax offers phone support for Standard or higher but it wouldn’t be a fair comparison due to its higher price. However, QuickTax Basic has the same sticker price as UFile and support is by email only but I found their response to be a lot faster – less than 24 hours.


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I am having issues trying to file using NETFILE!  I had several errors that I have I been able to correct using this forum but, now, when trying to re-submit, I get a message that payment is not required -- I paid earlier prior to things going south -- and when I hit the back button on the webpage, not the browser back button, I am returned to step 2 and I am not able to access either steps 4 or 5.  It has now been 7 hours and no response from UFile.





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I'm having the same problem, an unexpected error occured on a receive.

Ufile support never returns my email. I started sending the same message to them 5 times a day and they never respond. I've used the program for years and always had good luck but this year I've had this and various other problems. Wish someone had the answer !!

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So it appears that UFile for Windows does not support Vista - it seems OK until one tries to netfile.  boo.   Not impressed as this is yet another reason to get off Microsoft platform - planned obsolescence.  Internet Explorer, Chrome are all stopping support for Vista.

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At UFile, our highest priority is the security of your tax information. We have determined that the following operating systems no longer meet the minimum requirements to ensure a safe electronic transmission of your tax information:


1. Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft; and


2. Vista is no longer fully supported.


With this in mind, we can no longer support Window XP/Vista and we encourage clients to use Windows 7 or later.


If you are unable to upgrade your operating system, you can use UFile ONLINE, with the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, in order to prepare your return.


If you already purchased the Windows version of UFile, we can compensate you with a voucher.

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Well after having the same error as everyone else and seeing the bogus response I just gave up and went to H&R block. Downloaded for FREE. Redid my return and filed with CRA. No problem. A person I work with used Turbo Tax. He has Vista and filed with out incident.  Looks like the problem is with Ufile.  Well ufile wont get me next year.

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I had the same error. As others posted here, it seems like a problem with UFile running on Vista computers. I reloaded the software on my Windows 10 laptop, transfered my data, and I was able to Netfile without a problem.

This would be a very serious problem for those who do not have another computer to transfer to. It is unlikely that I will use UFile again next year knowing that this major software glitch was not fixed even though it is evident that the problem has been an issue for months.

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