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T1 Adjustment

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I made an error in my 2014 tax return filing. I incorrectly entered the wrong amount I contributed to my RRSP. 


I am able to log into MyAccount at the CRA and correct the adjustment there.


If I make the change in the Interview section in my 2014 return, will it carry forward the change to my 2015 return?


I also looked into "Import" function to bring my adjusted 2014 return in my 2015 return, but I have already pre-paid for 2015 and it states on the page "If you have already prepared your return, and possibly paid for it, please do not proceed as both the data entered and the payment will be lost."


What is the best way to proceed to correct this mistake?



Thank you.

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If you're quite sure that your 2014 return is correct after the fix then you could save the modified return and then import that into 2015, although I prefer to always keep the original as-filed return intact and instead use "save-as" to make a new file of the original return, make the correction there, and then import that one.


Note sure about the pre-paid that the online version? Not familiar with how that works.

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