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UFile won't let me finish the interview stage, presumably because I have left fields empty or not filled them in properly. The error message at the bottom of the screen says Both fields must be filled and when I click on Click here to fix it directs me to the Interest paid on student loans page. I have entered the correct number for interest paid on a student loan in 2015 and left the others blank or put zeros. Nothing seems to work; it won't accept the data and move on to the Review stage. Anyone else encounter this?

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I'm having the same problem with it dropping me Tuition, education and textbook amounts section and telling me I need to fill out both fields.


I tried filling out all the blank fields with 0 just to see if it would work and yet it does not.


I've filled out my Tuition Cost and my Part time and Full time months and that's all I should have to do as I don't have to deal with any student loan interest rates yet.

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I had the same problem and took me a few hours to resolve.


In my case, "click to fix it" link directed me "eligible tuition fees paid for 2016". There are two fields prepared if you look at closely. Enter description in first field (I guess "tuition", "text book" etc), and amount in the second one. You'll see $ mark added automatically to the number in the second field.


Hope this helps! 

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