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Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit

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I pay rent but do not pay property taxes (included in landlord's rent I guess). When I input my rent information and save, UFILE 2016 has an error that says I didn't show the advance credit that I recieved from the province, which was nil. Hence I get an error message telling me to enter zero but there is no access to where this value can be added. Very frustrating because I can not net file. 

Any suggestions.

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Everyone is in agreement that UFile does not provide enough information on what to put where, especially for seniors credits for property tax. I also found the cca corresponding Sgt and employee expense area useless. Press the question mark for help....this won't help! They do not tell you to enter amounts in those cells (like commercial of the smartest person in the world) nor do they have it as part of interview questions. Do we insert based on assumptions that at start all school net is before all credits given? Including the mb tax credit? Worst thing about this though,,,..you 28th any products you purchase do you not expect to pick up phone for support? Last year I tried the virtual guy--- what a joke... After about 2 weeks gave up and called friend. What we all need to do is stop purchasing products without service for their software! I know cra I just don't know what to assume with program. Put another 10.00 in and go to H and R Block!!! You will have no more worried plus tons of guaranteed. Ufile is still updating for 2015! I wish they actually took say 109 basic people who have never done their own tax and had their IT and Corporate people sit with them in the room so they can actually see for themselves how bad it is! Try to figure out cca of auto sold 3rd year plus New one and the gst for it.... For someone who get t2200.


Or a senior living at hone who is on disability who did some Reid for health and own own hone and has to figure out your system for credits received or not! Just terrible

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Hi DannyBoy:


I'm a Manitoba resident and rent as well.  I finally stumbled on this solution:

  1. While in Step 2 (Interview), click on Manitoba tax and credits in the left column.
  2. Scroll to MB479 in the main (right) window and click the "+" button next to the first item (Manitoba education property tax credit advance received, seniors' school tax rebate received, and RentAid benefit received).  This will open a new form titled Manitoba advance amount received
  3. Enter $0.00 in the box for the item titled Manitoba education property tax credit advance received.

I also discovered this year that Manitobans 55 years of age or older with a family income under $23,800 might actually qualify for a rebate for the School Tax Credit for Homeowners, even if you are a tenant who rents.  The trick is that tenants can't apply for this rebate on their tax return - they have to submit a separate application form to Manitoba Family Services for approval.  Further info is available at http://www.gov.mb.ca/housing/stat55.html.

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