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chris hohenwald

cannot netfile must enter ex-spouse information

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Ufile will not let me netfile my return.  I'm getting an error that since I divorced in 2015, I must fill out my ex-spouse information.  I press 'click here to fix' and all I get is a blank screen and nowhere do I see any place where I can enter this information.  I've googled the problem and it tells me to ensure that I have change in marital status entered and 'separated to divorced' is chosen.

Anyone else having this problem, or anyone have a solution to it?

Thanks in advance.


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I had the same issue and have sent UFile two emails over the past two weeks, but I have not received any response and the problem is still there. It's quite disappointing as I was ready to file a while ago and could really use the tax return money. When I compared my tax return from last year and this year, it also didn't include the dependent amount for my 6yr old son this year. I don't know if the two issues are related, but it could be that because it can't validate my marital status, it won't enter the dependent amount. This affects my tax return amount by quite a bit.  I'm giving UFile two more weeks to resolve the issue, then I'm cancelling the payment on my credit card and finding another program to use. 

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I believe this issue was resolved under the last update which was just recently released.  It was version 19.16.  If you update and re-calculate the return I believe you will no longer obtain the erroneous message.


I hope this answers your question and that you have a great day.

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