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Serious problem with the Marital status of dependants in UFile 2015

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Dear All


There is a serious problem with the UFile 2015 (As well UFile 2014): I have dependants (my parents: father and mother). However, in both UFile 2015 and UFile2014: there is not the selection "married" in the Dependant ID -> Dependant identification -> Marital Status on December 31, 2015 (2014). The current selections are "single, Widowed, Separated, divorced". I selected "Single" in UFile2014, then I got lots of headaches: I had to call and wrote many letters to the Federal and Quebec revenue to modify the marriage status for my father and mother. There was not such error in UFile 2013 and before.


The same error is still in UFile 2015!!!


Could you please fix this error and send me the patch file of UFile2015 as soon as possible?


Thank you, and have a nice day. 

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This option was removed in 2014.

Should you have some credits to be transfered from your parents, you will have to file your taxes with your parents as single dependents and file their own tax return separately.

If your parents are living with you, without necessarily being your dependants from a financial standpoint, you will have to account for their situation during tax season.


First, you must create a file for your parents so that they can file their returns separately and transmit them to the competent authorities.


If there are any remaining credits that each spouse is not able to claim for themselves, and they allow you to claim them, as well as the credit for caregivers, please proceed as follows:


1. Under the "Interview", tab on line "Family head" or the first person, click on "Add a dependant" which is located to the right on this line.


2. Under the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "Identification", fill in the page that appears on your right and for the line "Marital Status on December 31, 2015", select "Single" in the drop-down menu.


3. For the question "Does this taxpayer require a tax return?" in the drop-down menu  on your right, choose  "No", because the information is used only to allow you to claim certain credits, as both your parents will have produced their own tax returns. Click on "Next".


4. Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" and select the option "Net income". Then, on the screen to your right, enter the relevant information. You can find the net income for your dependants on line 236 of the Federal return and on line 275 of the Quebec return.


5. In the "Medical, disability, caregiver" option on the page to the right, select the items that correspond to the credits you want to claim for each parent, such as the "Caregiver amount to claim for this dependant (line 315, Quebec line 462)" or the "Infirmity and disability amounts for the dependant".


Federal Schedule 5 will be generated in your return and will indicate whether you can claim the credit for caregivers, while for residents of Quebec, Schedule H will be generated by the program if you qualify.


Finally, if the dependant can no longer transfer some credits to you the following year, then delete this file from your folder.

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I find Denk's suggestion quite confusing in how it is worded.  It sounds to me that Ufile will either not support the claiming of caregiver benefits, or to do so, forces the person filing for such a claim to enter the tax information twice, once as an independent file for the dependent parents, then another time again repeated in the tax filing of the head of the household.  I'm curious why the existing mechanism for doing this work has been removed since 2013, at the inconvenience of the customer?


I am also still not clear why we have to misrepresent the marital status of the parents in the family entry of the dependents, so we may claim their caregiver amount?  As pointed out by antonyyang the inconsistency between the family and individual tax filings puts an undue burden on the family head to explain a software limitation, with the CRA. 


Is this practice certified by the CRA?  I suspect inaccurate representation of personal information by tax software is not looked on too kindly by the authorities. 


I would like to see Ufile return to its 2013 practice by 2016 when I am filing my taxes. 

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Ufile just sucks, while searching solution for this issue, I found out people already complained about this issue in 2014, Ufile screwed it again this year, filed married parent as "Single" is just absurd and lead trouble later on.


Just check this out:





I do not want to bother CRA to query me again why my parent marriage status changed as other people encountered last year.

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Hi, both 2017 and 2018 Ufile still give no "Married" option. I need to claim my mom as dependant but she is still married. Does it mean I have to choose "Single" for her? However she and my dad will also file their return as they have other old age income. What problem would it cause?



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