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Regarding to the value in 'Portion of your contributions to use as a deduction in 2015' field

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Not too sure where this post should be.... I also posted in the Getting Started forum.


Following up on this archived thread: http://community.ufi...duction-needed/


I am trying to only deduct the RRSP amount that I made between Mar to Dec 2015 since the amount I bought during the first 60 days of 2016 will over contribute to my limit. I put in my contribution limit amount in the "RRSP deduction to use" field instead of leaving it as empty. As a result, the UFile software results page is giving me a much higher tax balance that I have to pay than if I were to leave it blank (use all your contributions as a deduction). Can someone please advise if this is expected? I heard this is a software issue and won't be an issue if reported tax by hand. Hope someone can confirm this.

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