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Why my CRA account still has not received my return?

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I filed our family tax return as the family head, mine and  my husbands' ,using UFile
Netfile system on April 18th. But so far, my husbands'  CRA
MyAccount,  says they have not received his 2015 Tax Return yet. Why is
that? Under Restrictions, in Netfile section in the CRA website, it is
mentioned that a family member can not file a return on behalf of another
member, but I assume that the UFile system files our tax return separate, as it has charged for my husbands' account
so they are received by the CRA separate. Please clarify this. Thanks

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Hi PunkyBrewster,


UFile is not a government body. We are a tax preparation software company that provides you with the tools to file your return without using the old pencil-and-paper method.

After you have completed your return you have a choice to transmit via NETFILE or print and mail your return. If you have transmitted your return by NETFILE, all your data is sent to the CRA and /or the Revenu Quebec and you will receive a confirmation number from the CRA and the Revenu Quebec websites. It can take 2 to 3 weeks to receive a refund when you transmit your return via NETFILE. For mailed returns, refunds are mailed out in 4 to 6 weeks following receipt of the return by the CRA or the Revenu Quebec. If you haven't filed in your return yet, you must do so by choosing the option that suits your needs best.

To find out more about NETFILE, please visit the "Tax return" section in UFile or contact the CRA by calling their toll-free Help Desk: 1-800-714-7257.

You can verify the status of your refund on the CRA and Revenu Quebec websites:



Revenu Québec:


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