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Netfile Error: A response indicating whether you are a Canadian citizen is required; Dependent not a Canadian Citizen

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For some reason, UFile Windows is giving me a warning that I cannot Netfile my 7-year-old's Federal Return because:


"A response indicating whether you are a Canadian citizen is required."


Of course he has no income and he is the 2nd of two dependent children.  This error does not appear for my older child who is also a dependent.


I did a search and found some fixes regarding this issue dating back from 2013.  Is this really a long-standing bug that UFile has not corrected?


I have tried the proposed fixes which include:


(1) Changing the dependent's date of birth to enable the CRA menu which allows you to classify an adult as a Canadian citizen.  Then changing it back.; and


(2) Changing the "Show the marginal tax rate calculation?" option in the Controls menu page for the dependent to "Select" or "No".


Both methods failed and do not work on UFile 2015 for Windows.


Seeing as I don't plan to file a return for him anyway, I suppose this point is moot, but there really should be a fix for this after three years!


I original moved to UFile because it gave better value and a superior product, but I'm very disappointed in this year's software as this is the second bug which I've had to fix on my own with no help from UFile.



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