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How to send amended tax return?

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Hello MontrealUfiler


You can use the program to make an adjustment on a tax return that has already been filed. On the "Interview setup" page, in the "Other" section, check off "Adjustment request for a tax return that has been filed" and click "Next". "Adjustment request" will appear in the left side menu. Click this option and select the form you need to fill out on the right-hand side of the page.


You can also  contact the CRA or Revenu Quebec to order the form that you will fill out and resubmit by mail or visit "My Account" at the CRA website (www.cra-arc.gc.ca/myaccount/) to complete the T1-ADJ Adjustment Request form online.


If you are using the program, you will have to print out and mail the completed T1-ADJ plus copies of any relevant documents.


You cannot transmit a T1-ADJ via NETFILE. The CRA will send you a new Notice of assessment after they have processed the adjustment.

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Would like to follow up on this. Now, in 2018, it looks like you can now submit T1-ADJ online (ReFile), instead of printing the form and sending to CRA. Can you file confirm this is indeed true? Thanks

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Hello beraa,

The ReFILE service is not available in UFile. Instead you can use the program to make an adjustment to a tax return that has already been filed. Make sure you have received your notice of assessment before asking for changes to your return.

NOTE: It is recommended that you keep your previously filed tax return, and prepare separately an amended tax return based on the changes you make. Print this amended tax return and compare it with your original tax return. Take note of the line numbers that are affected, as you will need them when completing your adjustment request.

To do so, please follow these steps:
1- In the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", click on "Interview setup".
2- On the page that appears to the right, scroll down to the "Other topics" section, check the box for "Adjustment request for a tax return that has been filed" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.
3- Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "Adjustment request" at the bottom of the list and, on the right-hand side of the screen, click on the plus "+" symbol to the right of the form you need, either "T1-ADJ adjust a federal tax return" or for Quebec residents "TP-1.R adjust a Quebec tax return".
4- Select the "Taxation year" you want to correct from the drop-down menu to your right, and then enter the relevant information.
5- For the question "Line number of the jacket regarding the the adjustment", choose the one that applies from the drop-down menu. Then, on the next two lines, enter respectively the amount that was claimed on the original tax return, followed by the revised amount to be claimed on the amended tax return.
6- If you have multiple lines to correct, click on "+ Add another" to add additional lines.
7- If you have additional information or explanations, fill out the bottom section. If needed, attach a separate sheet with your adjustment request by recording the necessary information. If applicable, provide also the corresponding line number for the credit.
9- Once you have completed your adjustment request(s), click on the fourth tab "Tax Return".
10- Double check to make sure the adjustment request(s) are completed correctly. Then, click on the "Print" icon, choose the option "Selected pages" and on the list to the right, select the pages to print, i.e. the form T1-ADJ (federal). Click on the button "Start printing".

Be sure to sign your request(s) and provide all supporting documents.

Also, please make sure to include a telephone number where the CRA may contact you during the day.

The CRA will send you a Notice of Reassessment once your adjustment request has been processed. 

If you wish, you can also amend your tax return online by using "My Account" on the CRA website.



Have a great day!


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When will UFile support refiling a tax return. UFile/ImpotExpert while a paid service (~$20 but not free for windows) does not support refiling when other tax software programs do. Even free ones like StudioTax. 
While I would very much like to continue using UFile ( I switched from Intuit a few years back for a matter having to do with number of returns) I do expect Ufile to have this feature in for next tax year (2018)

From an otherwise satisfied and long time user of Ufile....




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TaxStudio -> StudioTax

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I am using Ufile Online 2018. In the left side menu under the interview tab is an item called CRA ReFILE that says it is for electroniclly resubmitting the federal return. Why is this here if the ReFILE service is unavailable?

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I used the ReFile after I added a T5.  Spoke to Service Canada and they told me to do it this way.  After I added the T5 I went to the Interview tab there is an item on the left called CRA ReFile ( third item in) for electronically resubmitting the federal return. Then follow the process after that go to NETFILE you will see it will say ReFile your return.  Press and your file will be sent and a confirmation number will appear.  

Go to MY ACCOUNT on the gov't website and check a couple of days later.  You will see they have received it.

Hope this helps.

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