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I filed my 2015 taxes and paid but the CRA is saying I didn't file?

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Hi Erin,


Paying for the rights to use UFile ONLINE to prepare your tax return does not mean that we are sending the returns to CRA.


UFile and NETFILE are 2 different services.


To file your return to the CRA, please follow the instructions:


1. Login to UFile ONLINE:


2. Click on the "Tax return" tab.



   NOTE: If you are ineligible, please return in "Results" tab to view the error messages, and fix the errors.


4. Click the button "NETFILE CRA".


5. To proceed with NETFILE's online transmission, you must agree to the Terms and conditions, then click Next;


6. Verify your personal information: name, SIN, date of birth;


7. If your information is correct, click " File my return now ". The program will build an ".tax" file, which is a specially formatted file that contains your electronic tax return. The ".tax" suffix refers to the last part of the name of this file.


If your return meets the basic requirements, you will receive a confirmation number within minutes. This means that your tax return has been accepted for processing.


Occasionally, the ".tax" file transmitted to the CRA will be rejected due to errors. In this case, you will receive a NETFILE error code from the CRA together with a description of the problem.


In some cases, there isn't anything you can do about the error (for instance, an error will be diagnosed if you re-transmit your file after it has already been accepted). For other errors, you will need to correct your tax information under   Interview and then repeat the steps for transmitting the ".tax" file.

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