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Live in Ontario, small business in Quebec. Ufile did not Generate Quebec Return

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My wife works full time in Ontario and has a small professional business in Quebec on the side. Ufile did not generate a Quebec return, even though the professional business was listed in Quebec. Any body know any way to get Ufile to generate the Quebec small business return?

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When you say that your wife's professional business was listed in Quebec, I understand that you probably entered a business address in Quebec.


You need to enter also the "Province and percentage of business earned outside your province of residence" in the Income, expenses page (bottom of the page).


In your wife's situation you will select Quebec 100%.


UFile will then generate a Quebec return which will comprise form TP-25.

The Quebec return will be eligible for NetFile Quebec.

The federal return will need to be filed on paper because of the T2203, Multiple jurisdiction form.


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