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UFILE 2016

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I have installed in previous Windows versions UFile, but with Windows 10 it will not install from Disc.  I have similar problems with other Windows programs not installing in Windows 10.  Any help will be appreciated, especially with UFILE 2016 running in Windows 10.  I have tried the solutions that Windows 10 suggests, such as installing it as Windows 8, without success.



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I have been unable to install UFILE 2016 on my windows 10 machine.  The install process begins, and as soon as I walk through the screens to choose the folder, etc... as soon as the install begins, it ends with a message saying it was "interrupted".  It was not interrupted by me, so there is something failing in the install and the install process is not indicating any reason for it.


The machine is running a fully patched Windows 10 install.




I have purchased and am unable to use!  Have contacted support a week ago and no answer.  Please do something here...  next step is to seek a refund and buy a competitor product!


David Roy




UPDATE:  Okay.... I should have done one extra step here.... In reviewing my machine, I noticed a Windows update that was not in place...  once this cumulative update was complete and the machine rebooted, the install was successful.


SO.... if this error is something you are seeing, verify that the January 2017 cumulative updates for Windows 10 are in place.


I will now go eat my own words.. but will leave this message for others facing the same (horrible) non-helpful error message when installing.




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