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Before I purchase this product for the upcoming year, are you able to advise if the issue with the caregiver amount not showing up in Schedule 5 has been resolved?


Last year, I was required to also file adjustments with my clients returns because of this and I'd like to avoid that this year.


Thank you!

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Hello jessicaodonnell,


In order to claim the caregiver amount, you must first add the person as a dependant, even if he or she is not a dependant. You can add more than one person if you were the caregiver for these individuals.

To add a dependant to your file, please follow the steps below:

1. Under the "Interview" tab, on line "Family head" or the first person, click "Add a dependant" which is located to the right on this line,

2. Complete the "Dependant Identification" page. Please note that it is not possible to indicate in the field "Marital status" that the dependant is married or has a common-law spouse, because you cannot file the tax returns of the couple within your file. Therefore, in your file, you must choose "single" as the marital status of the dependant. To file the tax return of a dependant who has a spouse, you must do it in a separate family.

3. Even if you have to add the dependant to your file in order to claim an amount for this person, please know that you are not required to file his or her tax return along with yours. In the "Dependant identification" page on the line "Does this taxpayer require a tax return?", answer "No" in the field located on your right.

Once you have entered the dependant's information, please follow these steps:

1. In the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" of the dependant's file, select "Medical and disability".

2. In the screen to your right, choose the option "Infirmity and disability amounts for the dependant" if this person is disabled and enter the required information in the page that appears.

3. Again, in the screen entitled "Dependant's medical expenses, infirmity and disability" located to your right, choose the option "Caregiver amount to claim for this dependant (line 315)".

4. A new page entitled "Caregiver Amount" will open, and in the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the line "Who should claim the natural caregiver amount for this dependant?", select the person claiming the caregiver amount. Please note that this credit can be shared.

The program will generate Schedule 5 and complete the "Line 315 - Caregiver amount" section. The result on line 7 will then be carried over to line 315 of federal Schedule 1.

For more information, consult the following link:

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I'm trying to do as suggested, however, the person I'm adding is the spouse of the family head and it does not allow me to add her a second time as a dependent and line 315 is still not showing up on the actual return.  Is this a glitch in the system again this year?

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