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Child Care Expenses Not Being Deducted by UFile

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I had babysitting expenses of $11040 of which I applied to my dependent's profile under Child Care->Babysitter. However, after entering this amount, the amount owed/refund calculated does not change. I looked at the summary and I can't see it anywhere in the deduction. I have saved the file, reopened it and reviewed it again. I have also deleted it and attempted to add it again but nothing changes. Why is this not being calculated?

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For the "$0 for earned income" ... be that as it may, it would still be prudent for uFile to provide it and show it in the math when generating the PDF. As an end user, if I enter a value, I expect to see the results of that calculated value. It would also be nice to see what they consider "earned income" as there's no defined formula for that (from what I can find).

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