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How to acquisition of Class 10.1 asset in CCA schedule

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I purchased a truck in October 2016. I paid more than $30K. I have determined the truck to be a Class 10.1 asset.  I started a new job in December where I can claim Employment Expenses. When completing the details for claiming CCA on UFile, the only field I see where I can enter the value of the truck is the ‘Undepreciated Capital Cost’.  So, I entered $30,000 + PST & GST = $37,290.  However, when this information is transferred to the CCA schedule, the amount is not transferred in to Column 3 for new acquisitions, and therefore, the program is not applying the 50% rule for the year of acquisition.   I can’t find anywhere to input the acquisition cost (which will be same as UCC since it’s more than $30K)  The purchase date is completed as October 20, 2016. Because the program is not carrying the UCC value to Column 3, I would be claiming too much CCA.


Am I missing something?  I know this isn’t correct, though the program doesn’t recognize it and has deemed me eligible to netfile.



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