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Online Ufile asking to Pay again

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Hi Guys


I have the same kind of issue.  I have paid in December 2016.  Now i was doing my tax and I launched the 2016.  I did some calculation and was able to do every thing.  I was able to view  or print Tax Return.  Later some issue happened and I was not seeing last year comparison.  I deleted the 2016 file and created again.


Now i can not view or print Tax Return.  It asks me to Pay.   When I click on "Tax Return View or Print Return File" its pop up the Message "Ready to Pay".    I have logged issue but did not got back any feedback from Ufile.  It is almost 2 weeks now.  Need help to resolve this issue and any idea how i can fix it.



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this happened to me and ufile solved it as follows:

I paid for my account in dec 2017, when I was doing my taxes I deleted the file & redid it..then it asked for payment.

i called ufile (1-514-733-8414) & waited 45min on hold.  After the rep picked up they fixed it in 5 min by emailing me a rebate code which worked 


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