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Error 2252  states "The claim for HBP repayment at field 246 of Schedule 7 is less than the required repayment or there is an entry at field 129 for HBP repayment but no entry was made at field 5508".


Taxpayer has no home buyer plan repayment not schedule 7 

T4RSP with income tax withheld $5000 box 22 and box 30 $500

can anyone tell me how to correct this? what is the field 5508? where is located? what is the form?


Please and thank you


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Field 5508 is one of the fields known as "supporting fields".

It appears only, when necessary, in the electronic record sent to CRA.


Please contact the Support group as they will require an anonymous copy of the taxpayer's file.




UFile for Windows:


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