Childcare Deductions Line 214 Not Showing Up

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Wondering if anyone else has this issue:


Situation: Husband and wife, 2 children, 2 parents living in the same household.

Wife is on EI for maternity leave, has T4E

Husband has T4

Parents have OAS, T4A(P)

Both children are under 7, 1 is born in 2016. RC62 Rec'd.

Childcare expenses for older child: $2000


Parents and children all entered as dependants. Caregiver amounts and all other credits are populated, except for childcare expense (line 214). T778 does not generate either. Childcare expense entered under the older child.


Note: Parents' data entered for caregiver credit purposes. Returns filed separately as no married status allowed for dependants.


Is there a reason why line 214 is not populating?

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