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2015 carry-forward error

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 On taxpayer list, a single corporation.

-2014 starting point, netfiled T2/2014 on Jul 2015

 -on 2014 line clicked "add tax year" and a new file 2015 was created; netfiled T2/2015 on Nov 2016

 -on 2015 line clicked "add tax year" and instead of 2016 file I got another 2015 file!!!

now have one 2014 file and two 2015 files, one filled, one empty!


messaged repeatedly support answer I got:

"Unfortunately, you can't carry forward your information in 2016, because you have twice 2015.

Maybe you added inadvertently another 2015, by clicking on ADD TAX YEAR"


Please help with advice on how to generate a T2/2016 with carry-forward data from T2/2015.


Many thanks.



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